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Johann Stone supports Xzata Music

We are very happy to see Johann Stone support our first Xzata Music release, Xzatic – Liquid (Original Mix)!

Check out his feedback & support: https://www.label-worx.com/feedback/162d5879c7fd98c39ceeac04b624ac46/9807/259164/1866801424952847/2644243

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Xzatic’s – Liquid support list so far!

4 weeks left till "Xzatic – Liquid" will be released! First promo package was send this Friday and we already got support coming from: 

Alle Wagt (Allen Watts): "Nice track"

Alex van Reeve: "love LIQUID, hammering sound, the bass is sick :-)" 

Bruce Cullen: "Supporting!" 

Daniel Farley: "This is different but at the same time pretty cool, love it!"

GP Crystalclouds: "Really nice premiere! I like that this style has a unique flavor…unlike most of the repetitive tracks out there these days."

Guy Alexander: "Very nice, thank you 8/10"

Johann Stone: "So fresh sounding!"

Johnny L: "Great"

Les Hemstock (Hemstock & Jennings): "Nice first release..Support from me!!"

Philip Estevez: "Liking this alot!! chuggy!!!"

Taj Valdespino: "HELL YES! Banger!"

Thanks guys for your support so far !

5 May 2015 News Read more

Allen Watts supports Xzata Music

We are very happy to see Allen Watts support our first Xzata Music release, Xzatic – Liquid (Original Mix)!

Feedback & support: https://www.label-worx.com/feedback/162d5879c7fd98c39ceeac04b624ac46/9807/259164/4864421424952866/2618299

2 May 2015 Airplay & Support  News  Releases  Xzatic Read more

Xzatic – Xzilence (Original Mix), preview now available on YouTube!

VideoCheck out the official videoclip of "Xzilence" now on Youtube! Massive chord progression, deep strings and stunning melodies full of energy are building up to a climax, ready to hit the dance floors. A theme that is suitable in any big arena that brings back old memories on how trance used to be. Available July 15, on all major stores!

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Xzata Music Soundcloud page online!

Check out our brand new Xzata Music Soundcloud page here: http://www.soundcloud.com/xzatamusic

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One of Michiel de Jong’s earlier releases “Electric EP” and it’s support list (Exalted Tunes / Straight Up!)

EXLTD002 – Michiel de Jong – Electric EP "Two massive Tech Trance tunes produced by Michiel de Jong" would be the most accurate headline for this release titled as "Electric EP". Full of energy and grooves, the two tracks that form this release are "Electric" and "Static", which promise to destroy your floors! 

Airplay and support:

“Top Stuff” -. Andy Moor

“Thanks, will support Static” – Robert Vadney

“Electric” supported by Arnej at “The Arnej Podcast 009

“Smashing!” – Der Mystik

“Support Static” – Airbase

“I like this release” – Eddie Sender

“Good Tracks! 10/10” – Paul Nova

“Very cool sounds on both tracks” – crystalclouds.com

“Strong release here. Enjoying both tracks” – Johandi.fm

“Exalted will become a firm favourite in any banging trance DJ’s box at this rate” – ilovetrance.com

“Too pacy for my sets but quality tunes nonetheless. :)” – Andy Tau

“Awesome high energy tracks” – Ian Beers

“9/10” – Robert Gitelman

“Nice high energy release! Both tracks have the peak vibe” – Robert Holland

21 March 2015 News  Releases Read more

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