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DJ Riley – Alright

DJ Riley – Alright

Label: Xzata Music

Release date: 09-01-2019

Catalog number: XZA035

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DJ Riley

Xzata Music is proud to present DJ Riley – Alright. DJ Riley, known as the youngest (13 y/o) winner of ‘Dancetour The Netherlands 2017’, is one of the youngest and motivated artist around and has a lot of talent to share! Riley has made it his duty to share his finest techhouse beats with a growing global audience ! Music has always been his passion ever since he was a child. He enjoys doing quality live mixes on the turntables to all types of genres. He always wants to satisfy his clients and make sure that they are having a good time with quality services. With almost a lifetime of experience as a musician, his signature style of mixes and mashups is what makes him pump up the crowd with a high demand to crave more! He can play vinyl just as good as he can turn the turntables, you name it and he will bring the good vibes your way ! You might have seen him at, Groove Garden Festival, Solar Weekend Festival, Voodoo Village, Castle Of Love or at Intensss Outdoor, just to name a few places Riley recently performed. He also hosts his very own House concept named ‘Go Insane’.