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Hemstock & Jennings – Northern Lights

Hemstock & Jennings – Northern Lights

Label: Xzata Music

Release date: 14/12/2015

Catalog number: XZA010

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Northern Lights (Original Mix)
Hemstock & Jennings
Northern Lights (Xzatic Remix)
Xzatic, Hemstock & Jennings
Northern Lights (Glynn Alan Remix)
Glynn Alan, Hemstock & Jennings

Xzata Music is happy to release another Hemstock & Jennings EP! The guys are back again with another quality production: 'Northern Lights'! Massive chord progression and stunning melodies are building up to a climax, ready to hit the dance floors. 
The package includes an Xzatic and a Glynn Alan remix. Glynn Alan's remix is a typical trance production with rolling bass lines, deep strings and screaming melodies. 
Xzatic's remix is more progressive with it's powerful piano chords, deep strings and groovy bass line. Release date: 14/12/2015

Available on all major stores & more:

Beatport: http://bit.ly/Northern-Lights-Beatport
iTunes: http://bit.ly/Northern-Lights-iTunes
Juno: http://bit.ly/Northern-Lights-Juno
Trackitdown: http://bit.ly/Northern-Lights-Trackitdown
GooglePlay: http://bit.ly/Northern-Lights-GooglePlay