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John Askew Supports Xzata Music

We are very happy to see John Askew playing "The WLT -Sierra" in 4 of his sets!


John Askew @ Buenos Aires Trance BAT XVII, Argentina 2018-03-10

Check out the this video below at Luminosity (starting at 01:08:30):


John Askew @ Mainstage Beachclub Fuel, Luminosity Beach Festival Bloemendaal, Netherlands 2017-06-23

Check out the this video below at Luminosity (starting at 01:12:00):


John Askew @ Simon Patterson's Open Up (Home Nightclub Sydney, Australia) 2017-06-30

Soundcloud: (starting at 51:00min)


John Askew @ Dreamstate (Simon Patterson's Open Up, The Belasco Theater, Los Angeles, United States) 2017-07-22‚Äč

Soundcloud: (starting at 1:20:00)



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Nitrous Oxide Supports Xzata Music

Check out Nitrous Oxide playing our release: The WLT – Sierra (Original Mix) on Nitrous Oxide Dreamcatcher June on AH.FM 18-06-2017

Nitrous Oxide Twitter
Nitrous Oxide Facebook


01 The Thrillseekers – For All That You Are (Extended Club Mix) [FSOE] 
02 Miroslav Vrlík – Rise & Shine (Extended Mix) [Always Alive]
03 Giuseppe Ottaviani, Kyler England – Firefly (OnAir Extended Mix) [Black Hole]
04 Daniel Kandi & Andre Visior – Freedom (Extended Mix) [Always Alive]
05 Alan Morris – Prestige (Extended Mix) [Transistic]
06 DT8 Project feat. Roxanne Wilde – Destination (James Dymond Extended Remix) [ASOT]
07 Sean Tyas & Darren Porter – The Potion (Extended Mix) [FSOE]
08 Estigma – The Joker EP (Melodic Mix) [Critical State]
09 F.G. Noise & Axel Walters – Target On Fire (Extended Mix) [Suanda]
10 Lucas Deyong – Spectrum (Extended Mix) [Digital Society]
11 Sam Laxton – Meaning of Life (Original Mix) [Critical State]
12 Passenger 75 & Jo Cartwright – The Beauty You Are (Dub) [Amsterdam Trance]
13 ReOrder & Katty Heath – Love Again (Blue5even Remix) [Amsterdam Trance]

14 The WLT – Sierra (Original Mix) [Xzata]
15 Exouler – Surrounding Love (Extended Mix) [Monster Pure]
16 Lightform – Oasis (Extended Mix) [Digital Society]
17 Steve Allen & Cathy Burton – My Awakening (Dub) [Amsterdam Trance]
18 Franco Riccobaldi – Last Sight (Extended Mix) [FSOE – Fables]
19 Jhonny Vergel – Suitable Helper (Original Mix) [Silent Shore]
20 Attila Syah & LTN – B29 (Extended Mix) [Suanda]
21 Stoneface & Terminal – North Cape (Extended Mix) [FSOE]
22 4 Strings & Carol Lee – Emotions Away (Protoculture Dub) [RNM]
23 Andy Moor & Ashley Wallbridge – Faceoff (Extended Mix) [Armind]
24 Somna – Dreadnought (Extended Mix) [FSOE – Excelsior]
25 Nitrous Oxide – Miura (Extended Mix) [FSOE – Excelsior]

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Giuseppe Ottaviani supports Xzata Music

We are very happy to see Giuseppe Ottaviani supporting our music!

Check out Giueseppe Ottaviani playing our upcoming release: "The WLT – Sierra" on Giuseppe Ottaviani presents GO On Air episode 228 show!

Listen here, starting at 39:35:



Furhermore we are happy to see Giuseppe supporting several releases, check out the feedback and support that came in through our promopool here: