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We’re F-ing Serious at Nr. 3 iTunes Dance Top 100 France!

Xzata Music is very happy to announce that our release: DJ Xquizit & Kolliders – We're F-ing Serious (incl Arctic Quest, Sam Johnston, & Xzatic remixes) has entered the Itunes charts, currently at the following positions:

#3 iTunes Dance Top 100 in France !
#144 iTunes France Overall Top 200 !

Check out the screenshots:


Charts News

Child Of Forever No. 9 in the Trackitdown Trance Top 100 Vocal Chart!

Child Of Forever is at No. 9 in the Trackitdown Trance Top 100 Vocal Chart!! 

Our latest release Hemstock & Jennings Meet Jan Johnston – "Child Of Forever " – Sam Johnston Remix is at No. 9 in the Trackitdown Trance Top 100 Vocal Chart!! 

Check the print screen:

Charts News

Child of Forever Sam Johnston Remix Featured at Trackitdown

Great news coming from Trackitdown "Hemstock & Jennings Meet Jan Johnston – Child of Forever (Sam Johnston Remix)" is the featured tune at their amazing webstore! Grab a copy while it's hot!!​