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Xzatic – Live At RTW FM, NL


Check out DJ XZATIC Live Interview at @ Radio Waddinxveen (RTW FM), The Netherlands Full Interview without commercials, talking about Xzata Music, upcoming releases and more!


Xzatic – Liquid (Original Mix) – [XZATA MUSIC]

Xzatic – Moment Of Silence (Original Mix) – [XZATA MUSIC]

Peter Martijn Wijnia – Stingray (Original Mix) – [XZATA MUSIC]

Kabalos – Fruits (Xzatic Remix) – [XZATA MUSIC]

Xzatic – Anonymous (Original Mix) – [XZATA MUSIC]

PMW – Detach (Original Mix) – [XZATA MUSIC]

Hemstock & Jennings – Adriana (Xzatic Remix) – [XZATA MUSIC]

Xzatic – Anxious (Oleg Espo Remix) – [XZATA MUSIC]

CJ_MARS&TYOM – Mock-Up (Original Mix) – [XZATA MUSIC]

Xzatic – Moving On (Original Mix) – [XZATA MUSIC]

The WLT – Sierra (Original Mix) – [XZATA MUSIC]

Hemstock & Vadney – Last Man Standing (Perrelli & Mankoff Remix) – [XZATA MUSIC]

Paul Miller – Always The Same (Original Mix) – [XZATA MUSIC]

Hemstock & Hendricks – Relica (Original Mix) – [XZATA MUSIC]

Robert Vadney – Magic (Balearic Mix) – [XZATA MUSIC]

Paul Miller – Dream (Original Mix) – [XZATA MUSIC]

Hemstock & Jennings – Child Of Forever (Sam Johnston Remix) – [XZATA MUSIC

Chris Jennings Feat. Claire Willis – Tears Will Fall (Arctic Quest Remix) – [XZATA MUSIC]

Airplay & Support Charts News Xzatic

Xzatic in Hitlist RTW Waddinxveen

Check out RTW – Steamup Radio's Hitlist 2017! Awesome to see 2 of our releases, Xzatic – Summer & DJ Deraven – My Soul Cries in Steamup Radio's Hitlist


News Xzatic

We're thrilled to announce that this summer we’ve been invited to several dutch radio stations where Michiel will be promoting his label Xzata Music, the artists and music. 
Today we will kick off at "Steamup Radio" – RTW (radio Waddinxveen) presented by Eddy Becker, where we have been invited as special guest.

Show starts tomorrow 26-05-2017 at 16:00h GMT, so tune in here: