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Xzatic – Live At RTW FM, NL


Check out DJ XZATIC Live Interview at @ Radio Waddinxveen (RTW FM), The Netherlands Full Interview without commercials, talking about Xzata Music, upcoming releases and more!


Xzatic – Liquid (Original Mix) – [XZATA MUSIC]

Xzatic – Moment Of Silence (Original Mix) – [XZATA MUSIC]

Peter Martijn Wijnia – Stingray (Original Mix) – [XZATA MUSIC]

Kabalos – Fruits (Xzatic Remix) – [XZATA MUSIC]

Xzatic – Anonymous (Original Mix) – [XZATA MUSIC]

PMW – Detach (Original Mix) – [XZATA MUSIC]

Hemstock & Jennings – Adriana (Xzatic Remix) – [XZATA MUSIC]

Xzatic – Anxious (Oleg Espo Remix) – [XZATA MUSIC]

CJ_MARS&TYOM – Mock-Up (Original Mix) – [XZATA MUSIC]

Xzatic – Moving On (Original Mix) – [XZATA MUSIC]

The WLT – Sierra (Original Mix) – [XZATA MUSIC]

Hemstock & Vadney – Last Man Standing (Perrelli & Mankoff Remix) – [XZATA MUSIC]

Paul Miller – Always The Same (Original Mix) – [XZATA MUSIC]

Hemstock & Hendricks – Relica (Original Mix) – [XZATA MUSIC]

Robert Vadney – Magic (Balearic Mix) – [XZATA MUSIC]

Paul Miller – Dream (Original Mix) – [XZATA MUSIC]

Hemstock & Jennings – Child Of Forever (Sam Johnston Remix) – [XZATA MUSIC

Chris Jennings Feat. Claire Willis – Tears Will Fall (Arctic Quest Remix) – [XZATA MUSIC]

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