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Armin van Buuren Supports Xzata Music – A State Of Trance Episode 853

We are very happy to see Armin van Buuren playing "The WLT -Sierra" at A STATE OF TRANCE EPISODE 853!

Check out Armin van Buuren playing "The WLT -Sierra (John Askew Remix):

Youtube , starting at 01:51:00:

Soundcloud (starting at 01:55:00):



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John Askew Supports Xzata Music

We are very happy to see John Askew playing "The WLT -Sierra" in 4 of his sets!


John Askew @ Buenos Aires Trance BAT XVII, Argentina 2018-03-10

Check out the this video below at Luminosity (starting at 01:08:30):


John Askew @ Mainstage Beachclub Fuel, Luminosity Beach Festival Bloemendaal, Netherlands 2017-06-23

Check out the this video below at Luminosity (starting at 01:12:00):


John Askew @ Simon Patterson's Open Up (Home Nightclub Sydney, Australia) 2017-06-30

Soundcloud: (starting at 51:00min)


John Askew @ Dreamstate (Simon Patterson's Open Up, The Belasco Theater, Los Angeles, United States) 2017-07-22​

Soundcloud: (starting at 1:20:00)